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The Ultimate, Chic Gift Guide for the Newly Engaged

All your friends are getting engaged—here's what to get them.


Your friends are engaged—cue the celebration! While celebrating with them is top priority, the pressure to get them something as a token of your love for their love is mounting. If you get in early, they'll likely remember your gift over almost all their others. Here, our top picks—from grand gestures to small tokens—for your favorite soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.

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Haute Toast
Dom Perignon

Your newly engaged friends have one thing in mind–celebrating. They'd rather enjoy the moment than answer the litany of questions coming their way about their venue, date, honeymoon, and overall wedding planning.

Give them a bottle of bubbles they likely would never splurge on themselves to enjoy at home for date night, or with close family and friends.

Dom Perignon Brut Vintage 1996, approximately $640, SHOP NOW

Chic Sleepers
Sleepy Jones

His-and-hers pajamas are a sweet token for those couples moving in together, and a subtle nod that you acknowledge the newly betrothed's need for some R&R after all the engagement festivities and fodder.

Sleepy Jones 'Mariana' pajama shirt, $138, and cropped pant, $98, SHOP NOW

Chic Sentiments

For the couple with a deep connection or a bride who you know will appreciate a new outlook on love and spirituality in the months leading up to her wedding day, Cleo Wade's new book, Heart Talk, will be a welcome addition to any bedside or coffee table.

Heart Talk by Cleo Wade, $17.99, SHOP NOW

Take Notes

Your newly engaged friends are about to have to send some thank you notes–lots of thank you notes. Give them a head start by gifting beautifully designed cards with their monogram, or a cheeky set like these emoji cards. Odds are, ordering personalized note cards aren't at the top of their to-do list.

Connor notecards, $98 for set of 12, SHOP NOW

Rock Your Body
Le Petit Trou net-a-porter.com

While bridal showers tend to be the source of one too many lingerie gifts, sending your friend and the bride-to-be a little something sexy for her engagement will help her own the confidence she is undoubtedly feeling as a soon to be wife. Rather than a bra and panty set, consider a sheer bodysuit–she can wear them under a perfectly tailored jacket for a night out, as well as at home.

Breakfast in Bed
West Elm

Your friends probably have their way of preparing coffee each morning, but it's likely not as chic as this metallic French press. Start off your string of gift giving with something affordable for you, and luxurious in feel.

Gifting in theme is both memorable and thoughtful, so snag the cups and saucers off their registry and add in a bag of artisan coffee beans for their wedding gift.

Bodum copper french press, $49.95, SHOP NOW

Go Off Registry

Give your friends something you know they'll want and love–even if they haven't solidified their registry just yet.

Think about what they'll be in need of as they entertain and celebrate in the months to come: chic servingware that doubles as a centerpiece vessel and great extras in the kitchen.

Mud Australia x GOOP porcelain bowl set, $180, SHOP NOW

The Honeymooners
Kayu Design

The bride will likely be receiving kitchenware and appliances from every one of her guests—stand out by surprising her with a small token for her to enjoy on her honeymoon.

Kayu 'St. Tropez' monogrammed tote, $125, SHOP NOW

Dinner Party
ABC Home

Save the formal dinnerware for the wedding gift and purchase something fun you'd love to have in your home.

Mepra 5-piece flatware set, $195 each, SHOP NOW

Petite Polaroids

When it comes to remembering your wedding in the sweetest and chicest of ways, Instax is the new Instagram.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera, $65.99, SHOP NOW

Cocktail Hour

Get cheeky and give a gift with a celebratory intention–cocktail napkins are best gifted along with a chilled bottle of the couple's favorite liquor, wine or champagne.

Sir Madam vintage cocktail napkin set of 6, $45, SHOP NOW

Ready, Set, Sleep.
Orchard Mile

Little luxuries, like a satin sleeping mask, will make long flights and late nights on bachelorette weekends, meet-the-parents trips and honeymoons that much more enjoyable for the bride-to-be.

Morgan Lane x Amanda Fatherazi sleeping mask, $110, SHOP NOW

Home Scents
Maison La Bougie

Suggest a scent (nothing too pungent or polarizing!) that you love for couples looking to upgrade their shared living space, or to make their new home together that much more sophisticated.

Maison La Bougie scented candle, $44, SHOP NOW

Dinner Date

Encourage your friends to enjoy each other's company at a time when they'll likely be invited out more than ever. Give them one of Blue Apron's easy packages where ingredients and recipes are shipped to you the morning of to allow you to cook fresh, seasonal meals without the stress.

Blue Apron 2-person plan, $60 for one week, SHOP NOW

Crate & Barrel

Gifts that are multi-purpose—like a marble slab that doubles as a cutting and serving board—are the ones your friends will find themselves using non-stop, and being all the more grateful for.

Crate & Barrel marble pastry slab, $49.95, SHOP NOW

Give the Gift of BAZAAR Bride
Christian Oth

BAZAAR recently launched BAZAAR Bride, the ultimate membership for brides-to-be, featuring expert advice, non-stop fashion inspiration, and $25,000 worth of deals and discounts you won't find elsewhere. Whether your friend is planning a quick civil ceremony or plans on a two-year engagement, this members club offers brides all our insider tips to planning the ultimate wedding.


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